Officers/Board of Directors


Executive Officers

President: Eric Piatt

Vice President: Butch Proctor

Secretary: Jim Bradley

Treasurer: Dave Williams

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board: R.J. Vaughan

Members of the Board:

Director: Joe Montalbano

Director: Connie Piatt

Director: Dave Braun

Director: Tony Camp


Larry Caldwell

Mike O'Dell


Special Staff Officers and


Membership: Joe Montalbano

Chaplain: R.J. Vaughan

Historian: Tony Camp

Sunshine Chairman: Connie O'Dell

Public Affairs Officer: Dave Braun

Veteran’s Affairs: Dave Braun

Golf Tournament: Butch Proctor

Annual Demonstration Ride: Dave Williams

Quartermaster: Bryan Wilson

Veteran’s Service Officer: Mike O'Dell

Webmasters: Joe Montalbano

Road Captain: : Jim Bradley

Legislative Affairs: Liz Bryant

James A. Haley VA Hospital Chapter Representative: Mike O’Dell

Toy Runs: R.J. Vaughan

The Ride Home Andersonville, GA: R.J. Vaughan


Rolling Thunder National Chapter 11
P.O. Box 1503
Valrico, FL 33595-1503

Rolling Thunder National Chapter 1
Gary Scheffmeyer

Florida State Liaison